Nijenrode Castle in Breukelen, the Netherlands, situated between Utrecht and Amsterdam, was home for seventeen days during August of last year to more than sixty physicists, chemists, and advanced students from sixteen countries. These people gathered to attend an intensive course on Fundamental Problems in Statistical Mechanics, held under the auspices of NUFFIC (the Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation) with support from NATO. Statistical mechanics seemed most appropriately chosen as the subject of the first summer school in theoretical physics in the Netherlands in view of the long tradition, begun by Van der Waals and continued by Ehrenfest. of Dutch research in this field. The lecturers at Nijenrode representing that tradition as it is active in Holland today included N. G. van Kampen, B. R. A. Nijboer, L. van Hove, N. M. Hugenholtz. E. G. D. Cohen, and P. Mazur. Visiting lecturers from abroad were K. Huang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. H. Wergeland of the Norwegian Technical High School in Trondheim, and G. E. Uhlenbeck of the Rockefeller Institute in New York.

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