A grant for support of an Institute for Theoretical Physics (to be held from June 18 to August 24) has been awarded by the National Science Foundation to the University of Colorado's Physics Department, which is sponsoring the Institute in cooperation with the National Bureau of Standards. Solid‐state physics and relativity will be emphasized this year, and the definite participation of Professors N. Bloembergen, E. A. Uehling, J. Wheeler, and G. Gamow has been announced. During the ten‐week session, a number of regular graduate courses will be given by visiting lecturers. These will include lectures on group theoretical approaches to nuclear spectroscopy (L. C. Biedenharn) and general theory of relativity (J. Weber). The steering committee for the Institute consists of W. E. Brittin, E. U. Condon, B. W. Downs, G. Gamow, and J. R. Oppenheimer. A number of postdoctoral and predoctoral stipends, including travel allowances, will be available. For full particulars, write to W. E. Brittin, Department of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.

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