The City College of New York has announced plans to inaugurate a master's degree program in physics beginning with the fall semester. Ten new graduate courses will be introduced into the curriculum as part of the CCNY graduate program in mathematical physics, analytical dynamics, electromagnetic theory, nuclear physics, and quantum physics. Classes in mathematical physics and analytical dynamics, taught by Lawrence A. Wills and Harry Lustig, will also be offered in the evening during the fall semester. In previous years, the physics department has offered graduate courses in the School of Technology and in connection with the MS program in mathematics. Students who are candidates for the MA degree, as well as those who meet the requirements for particular courses, will be accepted into the graduate program. Each degree candidate must include a minimum of 30 credits in approved courses. Information and applications for the master's degree program in physics may be obtained from the Graduate Division of CCNY's College of Liberal Arts and Science, 139th Street & Convent Avenue, New York 31, N.Y.

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