Although a show of hands at the 1959 Photonuclear Conference held at Meridan, New Hampshire, indicated that most participants preferred a respite until 1961, enthusiasm for a “small” meeting in 1960 was evident, and by early spring the organization of what proved to be the largest meeting yet held was initiated by K. H. Lindenberger and J. H. D. Jensen, of the University of Heidelberg, Germany. The conference met from August 18 to 22, and was sponsored jointly by the Karlsruhe Nuclear Reactor Company and the Heidelberg Academy of Science. The site was the Sportschule Schöneck, a school supported by the athletic clubs of the state of Baden, scenically situated on a hill overlooking Karlsruhe. Lecture halls, meals, and recreational facilities were available here for the attendees, as well as accommodations for about 50 (the remainder obtaining rooms in hotels and “Weinstuben” in the suburb of Durlach).

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