During the period September 12–17 a large number of physicists, chemists, and electronic engineers gathered at Pisa to discuss recent advances in radio‐frequency spectroscopy. This meeting was of a truly international character, with participants from many Eastern European universities and research institutes, including those at Warsaw, Leipzig, East Berlin, and Ljubljana, as well as members from all the Western European countries, the United States, and India. The 1960 conference itself was one of a regular annual series organized by the European “Colloque AMPERE (Atonies et Molécules Par Etudes Radio‐Electriques)” which was initiated some years ago mainly due to the enthusiasm of Professor Freymann, and now has its secretariat headquarters, headed by Professor Bene, at the Institute of Physics in Geneva. The entire planning, organization, and control of the present conference, however, were carried out by Professor Gozzini, of the Institute of Physics at Pisa, to whom very considerable praise must be given for the smooth running of such a large international meeting.

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