Princeton University has inaugurated a program of graduate study in the solid‐state and materials sciences leading to the PhD for graduate students in physics, chemistry, and engineering. The interdepartmental program has been organized in Princeton's School of Engineering and is under the leadership of a specialist in solid‐state physics, Roman Smoluchowski, who left the faculty of Carnegie Institute of Technology last year to accept a professorship at Princeton. Facilities are available for studies at low and at high temperatures and for research involving x‐ray diffraction, paramagnetic and nuclear resonance, color centers, conductivity and other phenomena in dielectric materials, surface properties and reactions, etc. Those taking part in the program also have access to accelerators and nuclear reactors for irradiation studies and to electronic computers for numerical calculations. The University has indicated that a number of fellowships and assistantships are available. Solidstate research activities carried out at Princeton are supported by the University and by government agencies.

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