The fifteenth annual Calorimetry Conference was held September 7‐10 at Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with Oak Ridge National Laboratory acting as host and J. P. McCullough (Petroleum Thermodynamics Laboratory, Bureau of Mines) serving as chairman. In the pleasant surroundings of the Great Smoky Mountains 106 calorimetrists from the United States, Canada, and Europe heard and discussed 31 technical papers on recent work on many phases of calorimetry and engaged in informal discussions of calorimetric problems. Among the topics discussed were calorimetry at temperatures as low as 0.1°K and as high as 2800 °K, precision reaction and bomb calorimetry, solution calorimetry, applications of calorimetry to solid‐state problems, applications of calorimetry to radiation dosimetry, improvements in temperature‐measuring devices, and data processing by digital computers. At the Conference banquet ORNL Director A. M. Weinberg shared his experiences and observations on a recent trip to Russia with the chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission, illustrating his talk with a number of interesting slides. D. W. Osborne (Argonne National Laboratory) was program chairman, and R. H. Busey (ORNL) was local arrangements chairman.

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