The Quantum Theory Project of the University of Florida, in collaboration with the Quantum Chemistry Group of the University of Uppsala, is arranging a second Winter Institute in quantum chemistry and solid‐state physics, to be held under the direction of Per‐Olov Löwdin. It will be similar to the Institute given last year and will again be supported by the National Science Foundation. A preparatory week (December 4–9), intended for those who want a “warming‐up” period, will precede the main part of the Institute. It will be followed by an introductory course for beginning and advanced students (December 11–30), which will be devoted mainly to a study of the mathematical and conceptual structure of modern quantum theory of the electronic structure of matter (atoms, molecules, and crystals in their stationary states). The advanced course (January 2–13) is meant for experimentalist's and theoreticians doing research in fields where the methods of quantum chemistry and solid‐state physics are essential. The preparatory week and introductory course will be held on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville; the advanced course will be held on Sanibel Island in the Gulf of Mexico near Fort Myers.

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