From July 21 to August 9, 1958, a summer course on Mathematical Problems of Quantum Theory of Particles and Fields was held in Varenna, Italy. The lectures took place in the Villa Monastero, on the shores of beautiful Lake Como; the place is well known to the readers of Physics Today since in other issues (Dec. 1957, Jan. 1958) there have been reports about conferences held there, and about other courses of the International School of Physics. The school is organized by the Italian Physical Society and is sponsored by the Italian National Science Council, by the Italian Government, by some Italian universities, by various local representatives, and occasionally by other institutions. Each summer it gives a number of courses (recently three or four), on special topics in physics. These courses are neither meetings of experts, nor quick courses at the graduate‐school level. The goal is to put the persons with most experience in a field in touch with the younger or less experienced, in order to give the latter an up‐to‐date picture of recent research and open problems. The courses are organized quite independently and vary in length from a few days to three weeks in the present case.

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