AS of January 1, 1960, the Optical Society of America will be headed by James G. Baker, consultant to the Harvard College Observatory, who has been elected president of the organization for the coming year. He succeeds John Strong of the Johns Hopkins University, who as past president will continue to serve as an officer of the Society. The new president‐elect is Wallace R. Brode, science adviser to the Department of State, who will also continue as the Society's editor of publications. Other officers who will serve during 1960 are Mary Warga (executive secretary), E. D. McAlister (treasurer), and Howard Cary (secretary for local sections). Stanley S. Ballard of the University of Florida, who has for a number of years been the Optical Society's vice president for meetings, was reappointed for a new three‐year term, but he has subsequently indicated that because of the pressure of other responsibilities he will be unable to continue in that post after the first of the year. Newly elected members of the Society's Board of Directors are Bruce H. Billings, currently on leave from Baird‐Atomic, Inc., who is now assistant director of defense research and engineering in the Department of Defense, and Van Zandt Williams of the Perkin‐Elmer Corporation.

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