DURING the three days from September 31 to October 2, members of the Governing Board of the American Institute of Physics and officers of all five Member Societies met with representatives of the AIP staff to consider the current status of Society‐Institute relationships and to discuss the growing responsibilities of physicists in such matters as documentation, communication, and education in physics. The meeting was held at Columbia University's Arden House in Harriman, N.Y., and the greater part of one day (October 1) was given over to a considerably enlarged conference with representatives of the Institute's Corporate Associates, highlighted by a symposium on the role and training of the physicist in industry. C. Guy Suits, vice president of General Electric and chairman of the AIP Advisory Committee on Corporate Associates, presided at the symposium. Seven invited addresses, each dealing with the work of the physicist in a given area of industry, were presented on that occasion and are to appear as a group of articles in next month's issue of Physics Today.

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