On June 10, 11, and 12, Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology and the physics department of the Institute sponsored the first joint symposium on electron and light microscopy. International in scope, the Chicago meeting was attended by more than three hundred microscopists, who heard papers on such subjects as metallography, pigments, electron diffraction, fibers, goniometry, fats, particle size determination, bacteriophage action, ultraviolet and infrared microscopy, and metal films evaporated in high vacuum. A portion of the formal program was devoted to phase microscopy, a recent modification which employs the light microscope in such a way as to enhance image contrast, thus enabling the microscopist to observe sections that cannot be examined adequately by conventional methods. The informal panel presentations discussed instrumentation for electron microscopy, preparation of metal surfaces for microscopic examination, and problems in high speed microtomy. In addition, the Symposium featured an instrument display and photographic exhibit. Tentative plans have been made to perpetuate the Symposium.

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