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From Engineering Science to Precision Engineering and Ultraprecision Production: Fundamentals, Methodologies and Application Case Studies

The demand for precision components is on the rise in a variety of engineering industries. Over the last 10 years, ultraprecision manufacturing technology has been applied on an industrial scale to ultraprecision production of products such as mobile phones, security monitor systems, head-up displays (HUD) and varifocal lenses, etc. However, it has always been a challenge for engineering science to support high-precision exploration and application, and the industrial scale-up has further increased those challenges.

As a result, it has never been so important to understand the fundamentals in engineering science and key enabling precision engineering technologies that drive ultraprecision manufacturing from small batch machining towards industrial scale production. A holistic precision engineering approach and the associated scientific understanding are desired and thus able to bridge these gaps in a seamless and sustainable manner.

This special issue provides a forum for researchers and practitioners in the field to review the knowledge and insights accumulated so far and consider opportunities and implications for the future.

Guest Editors: Kai Cheng (Brunel University London), Yanhua Zou (Utsunomiya University), Mark J. Jackson (Kansas State University), Zewei Yuan (Shenyang University of Technology), Kristofer Gamstedt (Uppsala University).

Special Collection Image
Zheng Gong; Dehong Huo; Zengyuan Niu; Wanqun Chen; Kai Cheng
Jake Haley; Kai Cheng
Ali Khaghani; Kai Cheng
Ying Wang; Zewei Yuan; Tianzheng Wu; Heran Yan
M. J. Jackson
Xue Wang; Zewei Yuan; Peng Zhuang; Tianzheng Wu; Shuang Feng
Huijun Xie; Yanhua Zou
Yulong Zhang; Yanhua Zou
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