The WC/Ni hard metal coating was synthesized by laser cladding with coaxial feeding of its formation elements W/C/Ni powder mixture, basing upon the unique physical and chemical metallurgy within the melt pool. A plump shape WC/Ni layer free of cracks was obtained. The composition distribution of the clad layer, the dissolution behavior of the adding W and C/Ni clad powders and the synthesizing of WC were investigated. The microstructure, phase and WC growth morphology were analyzed. The WC particles synthesized by laser have rectangular or quadrangle cross-section shape with size of 2∼30µm. Step, rotary and cross growth morphologies of WC formation were observed in the synthesized layer. In addition to the WC, the synthesized layer contains phases like W2C 、 CW3 、 FeW3C 、 Fe6W6C 、 W3O 、 W、C、(Fe,Ni).

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