We demonstrate an all-fiber-amplifier, MOPA architecture supporting variable pulse repetition frequencies and pulse widths. The system operates at near infrared wavelengths of ∼1064 nm and supports pulse repetition frequencies up to 2 MHz and pulse widths as short as 2 ns. The amplifier output is polarized with a narrow spectral width and a diffraction limited spatial mode allowing efficient harmonic generation. Bulk LBO crystals are used to generate the second and third harmonic output. We have demonstrated average fundamental, second harmonic, and third harmonic powers of 66 W, 43 W, and 30 W, respectively. A turnkey system using this architecture is commercially available and has rated output powers slightly less than half these values. The system is entirely air-cooled and operates from a standard wall plug electric service, facilitating integration into various applications. Exemplary precision material processing applications will be discussed.

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