The use of laser in welding has ever growing role in manufacturing technology. Among the different laser welding processes the keyhole welding and keyhole welding combined with arc welding to form a so called hybrid welding are the most important laser welding process for metal industry. This process is commonly used in welding of aluminum car body parts, but not often seen in manufacture of larger aluminum products. Laser welding of aluminum is of high interest among the industrial production. High reflectivity and high thermal conductivity, high vapor pressure of alloying elements as well as low liquid surface tension and low ionization potential, make laser welding of aluminum and its alloys a demanding task for any welding method. The boats for use of authorities are often made from the aluminum. The manufacture of those is boats are usually carried out with manual welding processes. This study is concentrating on evaluation the suitability of laser welding to the manufacture of aluminum boat. This was carried out by welding a set of actual products with different welding methods and comparing those.

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