Tantalum-pentoxide (Ta2O5) is considered as a promising nonsilicon oxide dielectric for practical application in the field of microelectronic. It has been reported that the physical properties of the Ta2O5 ceramics can be improved by laser irradiation.

In the present work, a finite-element model is developed to exploring the reason of the improvement by analyzing the temperature field during laser irradiation of Ta2O5 ceramics. The results of the model were tested by experimental and confirmed by temperature measurements.

The model allows for the non-linear behavior of thermal conductivity and of specific heat due to temperature changes. The final steady-state temperature is reached after about 75 seconds. The peak temperatures are decreased with the increase of the sample thickness, whereas the temperature gradient does not change identically. The simulation results show the characteristics of the temperature field during laser irradiation Ta2O5 ceramic, which can be used for analyzing the reason of the strong enhancement of the dielectric permittivity.

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