Local physical and geometrical effects which have only been observed so far as side effects in laser welding processes are to be used purposefully, in order to achieve locally adapted mechanical properties and to improve load-transferring components significantly. One aim of this project is the investigation of influences from laser-welded bead-on-plate seams on the structure rigidity for simplified sample geometries. A defined local increase in strength and rigidity will be achieved using linear and geometrically adapted bead-on-plate weldings.

The innovative idea aims to combine the functional integration of the reinforcement in addition to laser welding of constructional joints.

On the basis of different seam geometries it was proven that bead-on-plate weldings increase rigidity and strength. Using the 3-point and 4-point bending and tensile tests the influence of seam geometry on rigidity and strength behavior in comparison without welding seams were proven.

At the end of the research concrete recommendations for locally reinforcements of laser beam welded constructions are possible.

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