An oscillating (AC) magnet field was used to suppress porosity formation and to stabilize the surface of the weld pool in bead-on-plate partial penetration 4.4 kW Nd:YAG laser beam welding of AW-5754 plates in PA position. The magnet was mounted on the laser welding head. The magnet field (up to 0.4 T and 10 kHz) was oriented perpendicular the welding direction. The analysis of the weld cross-sections and x-ray images shows a drastic reduction (up to 90%) of porosity contents in the welds. The observed effects can be explained in terms of electromagnetically (EM) induced “Archimedes” forces as well as the EM stirring flow in the weld pool. Moreover, usage of AC magnetic fields results in a significant reduction (up to 50%) of the surface roughness of the welds. This effect can be explained in terms of electromagnetic (EM) contribution to the surface tension (the Garnier-Moreau effect)

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