Performance of various holographic and interferometric nanomanufacturing techniques can be essentially improved by homogenizing the intensity profile of the laser beam with using beam shaping optics like πShaper transforming the laser beam intensity from Gaussian to flattop one with high flatness of output wavefront, saving of beam consistency, providing collimated output beam of low divergence, high transmittance, extended depth of field, negligible residual wave aberration. Applying of these beam shapers brings serious benefits to the Spatial Light Modulator based techniques like Computer Generated Holography, holographic projection processing applications, holographic lithography, interferometric techniques of recording the Volume Bragg Gratings. This paper will describe some design basics of refractive beam shapers of the field mapping type and optical layouts of their applying in holographic and interferometric systems. Examples of real implementations and comparative experimental results of applying the refractive beam shapers in systems of holographic lithography and other techniques.

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