When screen size of the Flat Panel Display (FPD) becomes larger, the traditional photolithography using photomasks and UV lamps might not be possible to make patterns on Photo Resist (PR) material due to limitation of the mask size. Though the maskless photolithography using UV lasers and scanners had been developed to implement large screen display, it was very slow to apply the process for mass-production systems. The laser exposure system using 405 nm semi-conductor lasers and Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) has been developed to overcome above-mentioned problems and make more than 100 inches FPD devices. It makes very fine patterns for full HD display and exposes them very fast. The optical engines which contain DMD, Micro Lens Array (MLA) and projection lenses are designed for 10 to 50 µm bitmap pattern resolutions. The test patterns for LCD and PDP displays are exposed on PR and Dry Film Resists (DFR) which are coated or laminated on some specific substrates and developed. The fabricated edges of the sample patterns are well-defined and the results are satisfied with tight manufacturing requirements.

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