The modular cladding system COAXn represents a flexible processing tool for laser cladding applications and guarantees a stable and controllable manufacturing process as well as the highest precision in material deposition. It consists of different powder nozzle bodies, tips, adapters, media supplies, and process monitoring devices, which are compatible among each other. Thus, for various lasers, optics, workpiece geometries, and cladding materials required by the user, an optimum unit can be composed easily. The basic nozzle is designed for a minimum focal length of the laser focusing optic of 70 mm and a rotation-symmetrical as well as rectangular power density distribution. Nozzle inclinations do not influence the powder supply, and even working in three-dimensional space with moving nozzle is possible without any effect on the powder stream. The minimum powder focus is about 1 mm, and the powder efficiency can amount to 90 % when the melt pool is larger than the powder spot. Experiences with up to 6 kW laser power even in long-time operation are there. A number of these cladding units has been established for years in industrial applications of repair and surface protection of aeroengine parts, motor and turbine components as well as different moulds and tools.

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