This paper approaches the topic of Laser Beam Image Recording from the user’s perspective. It discusses the parameters of concern to a system group charged with specifying a high performance Laser Beam Image Recording Subsystem. The paper concentrates on those parameters that have significant impact on interface complexity, image quality and cost. A block diagram of a typical Laser Beam Recorder is shown along with a brief explanation of the following subsystems:Image Data Interface, Control Data Interface, Image Data Processor, Annotation, scan Data Processor, Command and Control, Electro Optics, Film Transport, and Built-In-Test-Equipment. Ranges of the following signal parameters are given: Line Rate, Data Rate, Data Duty Factor and Bytes/Line. Typical values of the following critical image quality parameters are given:Resolution, Raster and Banding, Geometric Fidelity, and Density Fidelity. Each of the critical parameters are defined and measuring techniques and equipment discussed. A list of system level questions which a user should consider when formulating the Laser Beam Recorder specification are also presented.

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