Over the past decade, there have been increasing applications for laser technology in the treatment of patients with gynecologic diseases. Following the early reports about the applications of carbon dioxide laser technology, other investigators have evaluated Nd-YAG laser devices and, most recently, Argon lasers for treatment of gynecologic lesions. As the continued growth and interest of applications of lasers in gynecology has proceeded, the question as to whether there is a role for lasers in the treatment of invasive gynecologic malignancies has arisen. It is as yet unanswered because of limited experience with laser applications in gynecologic cancer. Carbon dioxide lasers have been primarily used to treat precancerous lesions. Nd-YAG and Argon technology for other types of malignant neoplasms have been reported. An understanding of the biology of gynecologic cancer is important to facilitate future applications for CO2, Nd-YAG, and Argon laser energies. Finally, photoradiation therapy, which combines drug treatment with subsequent laser irradiation, represents the newest application of lasers- in the treatment of gynecologic neoplasia.

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