Copper is expected to have many applications due to its virus inactivation properties, but it has been difficult to produce a thin layer with high bonding strength. A multi-beam blue diode laser installed laser metal deposition (B-LMD) system was newly developed with a laser intensity of 4.7 × 105 W/cm2, which is improved about five times higher than that of conventional systems. Using this system, we demonstrated the high-speed formation of a pure copper layer on a stainless steel type 304 (SS304) circular tube. A pure copper powder and the blue diode lasers were simultaneously supplied to a SS304 circular tube, and the powder was melted and solidified to form a pure copper layer on it. As the result, the laser intensity was increased with increasing layer formation efficiency, and at the laser intensity of 4.7 × 105 W/cm2, the maximum value of layer formation efficiency was obtained at the peripheral speed of 400 mm/s. Moreover, it was revealed that the dilution length was decreased with increasing peripheral speed, the minimum value of 3 μm at the peripheral speed of 400 mm/s was obtained.

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