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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 35,
Issue 3,
August 2023

Focus and Coverage

Journal of Laser Applications covers a broad range of laser related research from fundamental and applied research & development to industrial applications. The journal presents the latest breakthroughs in laser applications related to photonic production, sensing and measurement, as well as laser safety. The recently digitized LIA Conference Proceedings includes over 5,900 articles from the ICALEO®, PICALO, and ILSC® conferences that are run by The Laser Institute (LIA).

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Most Recent
Research Article
Samira Gruber, Lukas Stepien et al.
Copper is widely used in high heat flux and electrical applications because of its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties. Alloying elements such as chromium or nickel are added to ...
Research Article
Esmaeil Ghadiri Zahrani, Bahman Azarhoushang
A fundamental understanding of ablation in different incidence angles is indispensable to expand the result to volume ablation where nonperpendicular irradiation exists. So far, no study with this ...
Research Article
Yuewei Ai, Jiabao Liu et al.
The morphologies of the keyhole and molten pool during the laser welding process are highly related to weld formation process, which affects the weld quality further. To investigate the influence of ...
Editor's Picks
Research Article
Christian Bernauer, Avelino Zapata et al.
Laser metal deposition (LMD) is an additive manufacturing process in which a metal powder or wire is added to a laser-induced molten pool. This localized deposition of material is used for the ...
Research Article
Francesca Wheeler, John R. Tyrer et al.
Textile finishing is a huge industry for modification of textile surface properties to align with the desired end use spanning medical, engineering, and apparel applications. Laser-induced polymer ...
Research Article
Qiuyue Su, Shi Bai et al.
Laser trimming has become one of the powerful tools for precise manufacturing of alloy resistors that are widely used in electrical vehicles, electrical controlling, and in appliances. In this work, ...
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