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Laser Institute of America

Laser Institute of America (LIA), founded in 1968, is the professional society for laser applications and safety. Our mission is to foster lasers, laser applications, and laser safety worldwide. LIA cultivates innovation, ingenuity and inspiration to promote the continued growth and safe use of laser applications.

Recent Articles
Research Article
Deqiao Xie, Jianfeng Zhao
Laser powder bed fusion is a promising technique that can produce complex-shaped and integrated part. However, distortion and residual stress are two issues that may decrease the precision and ...
Research Article
C. Sánchez-Aké, J. A. Segura-Zavala et al.
We report the fabrication of metal alloy Au–Pd nanoparticles on semiconductor thin film substrates (ZnO) by laser-induced dewetting. Employing a UV excimer laser, a single pulse was directed onto a ...
Research Article
Wenyou Zhang, Daniele Pullini et al.
Additive manufacturing of AlSi10Mg has obtained increased attention due to its lightweight feature. However, handling of loose powder, efficient usage of feedstock, and powder recycling still remain ...

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The Laser Institute of America (LIA) is the international society for laser applications and safety.

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