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Conference Collection: 20th Workshop on Dielectrics in Microelectronics

This is a collection of papers accepted for publication and presented at the 20th Workshop on Dielectrics in Microelectronics Conference, WODIM 2018. The conference was held June 11-14, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. WODIM is a biennial event, which brings together chemists, physicists, technologists and electrical engineers from around the world to discuss the newest developments in all aspects of dielectric films and nanostructures in electronics as well as in new fields where dielectrics on semiconductor or metal provide energy-efficient functionalities. The forum is intended to provide an overview of the state of the art in these fields, and to promote discussion of the latest research results.

Image credit: Manuel Cazorla, Samuel Aldana, Marcos Maestro, Mireia Bargalló González, Francesca Campabadal, Enrique Moreno, Francisco Jiménez-Molinos, and Juan Bautista Roldán, JVST B 37(1), (2019),

Special Collection Image
Andrzej Mazurak; Jakub Jasin´ski; Bogdan Majkusiak
Markus Neuber; Olaf Storbeck; Maik Langner; Knut Stahrenberg; Thomas Mikolajick
Isabella Rossetto; Rossella Piagge; Fabrizio Toia; Sabina Spiga; Alessio Lamperti; Silvia Vangelista; Riina Ritasalo; Päivi Järvinen; Gabriella Ghidini
Jordan Bouaziz; Pedro Rojo Romeo; Nicolas Baboux; Bertrand Vilquin
Kati Kühnel; Malte Czernohorsky; Clemens Mart; Wenke Weinreich
Manuel Cazorla; Samuel Aldana; Marcos Maestro; Mireia Bargalló González; Francesca Campabadal; Enrique Moreno; Francisco Jiménez-Molinos; Juan Bautista Roldán
Gerardo González-Cordero; Mireia B. González; Francisco Jiménez-Molinos; Francesca Campabadal; Juan Bautista Roldán
Eduardo Perez; Mamathamba K. Mahadevaiah; Cristian Zambelli; Piero Olivo; Christian Wenger
Samuel Aldana; Pedro García-Fernández; Rocío Romero-Zaliz; Francisco Jiménez-Molinos; Francisco Gómez-Campos; Juan Bautista Roldán
Vladimir Kolkovsky; Sebastian Scholz; Valery Kolkovsky; Jan-Uwe Schmidt; Rene Heller
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