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Papers from the 2022 International Symposium of the Vacuum Society of the Philippines (ISVSP 2022)

This collection includes papers from the 2022 International Symposium of the Vacuum Society of the Philippines, which was held virtually on April 20-22, 2022. The conference aims to showcase the various capabilities in vacuum and plasma research in the Philippines, and the theme of the 2022 symposium was “Refocusing Plasma and Vacuum Technology for the Current Needs of Society.” The Chairs were Hernando S. Salapare III (Université Côte d'Azur, University of the Philippines Open University, AirLink International Aviation College) and Kathrina Lois Taaca (University of the Philippines-Diliman), and the Vice-Chair was Catherine Joy Dela Cruz (Ateneo de Manila University).

Image Credit: Arantxa Danielle S. Montallana, Joven Paolo D. Angeles, Jinn P. Chu, Matthew P. Sherburne, Magdaleno R. Vasquez, and Motoi Wada, JVST B 41(4), 10.1116/6.0002510, (2023).

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Arantxa Danielle S. Montallana; Joven Paolo D. Angeles; Jinn P. Chu; Matthew P. Sherburne; Magdaleno R. Vasquez, Jr.; Motoi Wada
J. E. Hernandez, II; M. Wada
Aian B. Ontoria; Magdaleno R. Vasquez, Jr.
Kathrina Lois M. Taaca; Eloise I. Prieto; Magdaleno R. Vasquez, Jr.
Sidney M. Palardonio; Magdaleno R. Vasquez, Jr.
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