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Celebrating 40 Years of the AVS Peter Mark Award

This JVST A Special Collection Celebrating 40 Years of the AVS Peter Mark Award features the outstanding theoretical and experimental work by scientists who have been selected to receive the Peter Mark Award over its 40-year history. The award is a memorial to Dr. Peter Mark, who served as Editor of the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology from 1975 until his death in 1979. The award is given to young scientists or engineers who have contributed outstanding theoretical or experimental work, at least part of which was published in an AVS Journal prior to receiving the award. Submission to this collection was by invitation only.

Special Collection Image
Eray S. Aydil; Wilhelmus M. M. Kessels; Stephanie Law; Mohan Sankaran; Joshua M. O. Zide
Josiah Yarbrough; Alex B. Shearer; Stacey F. Bent
Raymond T. Tung
Marjorie A. Olmstead; Fumio S. Ohuchi
Valentina Wieser; Pierluigi Bilotto; Ulrich Ramach; Hui Yuan; Kai Schwenzfeier; Hsiu-Wei Cheng; Markus Valtiner
Minh N. Tran; Iver J. Cleveland; Eray S. Aydil
Keren J. Kanarik; Samantha Tan; Wenbing Yang; Ivan L. Berry; Yang Pan; Richard A. Gottscho
Randall M. Feenstra; Grayson R. Frazier; Yi Pan; Stefan Fölsch; Yu-Chuan Lin; Bhakti Jariwala; Kehao Zhang; Joshua A. Robinson
Christopher Richard Brundle; Bruce Vincent Crist; Paul S. Bagus
Jin-Myoung Lim; Norman S. Luu; Kyu-Young Park; Mark T. Z. Tan; Sungkyu Kim; Julia R. Downing; Kai He; Vinayak P. Dravid; Mark C. Hersam
Stephen M. Rossnagel
Souvik Bhattacharya; Tianqi Liu; Zhipeng Ye; Rui He; R. Mohan Sankaran
Yashuang Zheng; Lijun Wang; Peter Bruggeman
Nicholas M. McQuillan; Amanda M. Larson; E. Charles H. Sykes
Meihua Shen; Thorsten Lill; Nick Altieri; John Hoang; Steven Chiou; Jim Sims; Andrew McKerrow; Rafal Dylewicz; Ernest Chen; Hamid Razavi; Jane P. Chang
Yuejing Wang; James Bork; Stephanie Law; Joshua M. O. Zide
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