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Area Selective Deposition

This collection features recent discoveries in fundamentals of Area Selective Deposition (ASD) as well as advances in its technological applications. Topics covered include but are not limited to: mechanisms of thin film nucleation and growth, controllable activation and/or suppression of nucleation, selective patterning using organic layers or resists, defect formation and mitigation, combinations of deposition with selective etching, surface characterization with emphasis on defects, metrology for area-selective deposition, and all applications of ASD.

Guest Editor: Eray Aydil, New York University

Image Credit: J. Li, I. Tezsevin, M. J. M. Merkx, J. F. W. Maas, W. M. M. Kessels, T. E. Sandoval, and A. J. M. Mackus, JVST A 40, 062409 (2022).

Special Collection Image
Jake Soares; Wesley Jen; John D. Hues; Drew Lysne; Jesse Wensel; Steven M. Hues; Elton Graugnard
Kinsey L. Canova; Laurent Souqui; Gregory S. Girolami; John R. Abelson
Kaat Van Dongen; Rachel A. Nye; Jan-Willem J. Clerix; Claudia Sixt; Danilo De Simone; Annelies Delabie
Laurenz Thyen; Daniel Splith; Max Kneiß; Marius Grundmann; Holger von Wenckstern
Raphaël Feougier; Chloe Guerin; Vincent Jousseaume
Yuxiao Lan; Yanwei Wen; Yicheng Li; Jiaqiang Yang; Kun Cao; Bin Shan; Rong Chen
Kartik Sondhi; Rahul Sharangpani; Ramy Nashed Bassely Said; Joyeeta Nag; Michael Gribelyuk; Senaka Kanakamedala; Raghuveer S. Makala
J. Li; I. Tezsevin; M. J. M. Merkx; J. F. W. Maas; W. M. M. Kessels; T. E. Sandoval; A. J. M. Mackus
Jung-Sik Kim; Hwan Oh; Gregory N. Parsons
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