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Honoring Dr. Art Gossard's 85th Birthday and His Leadership in the Science and Technology of Molecular Beam Epitaxy

This Special Collection focuses on important challenges, new developments, and current understanding in a wide range of topics including MBE technology, growth of semiconductors and related materials, devices enabled by MBE, and others. The collection offers readers the newest, outstanding research in the many fields Art Gossard influenced and participated in. The collection caters to both scientists and professionals in industry, while connecting fundamental research with practical applications.

Book Cover Image Credits: Top (back): Yuanchang Zhang, Kurt G. Eyink, Madelyn Hill, Brittany Urwin, and Krishnamurthy Mahalingam, JVST A 39(2), 10.1116/6.0000636 (2021). Bottom (left and right): Kedong Zhang, Rui Pan, Shunji Xia, Wangwei Zhang, Menglin Chang, Yuanfeng Ding, Chen Li, Yu Deng, Hong Lu, and Yan-Feng Chen, JVST A 38(6), 10.1116/6.0000530 (2020)

Editor: Professor Joshua Zide, University of Delaware

Special Collection Image
Yong-Hang Zhang; David J. Smith
Yuanfeng Ding; Jinshan Yao; Ziyuan Yuan; Chen Li; Ming-Hui Lu; Hong Lu; Yan-Feng Chen
Joseph O’Connell Yuan; Kaushini S. Wickramasinghe; William M. Strickland; Matthieu C. Dartiailh; Kasra Sardashti; Mehdi Hatefipour; Javad Shabani
Weng W. Chow; Frank Jahnke
Derrick S. H. Liu; Maria Hilse; Roman Engel-Herbert
Aaron J. Muhowski; Alec M. Skipper; Stephen D. March; Mark J. W. Rodwell; Seth R. Bank
Jimy Encomendero; SM Islam; Debdeep Jena; Huili Grace Xing
U. Nandi; M. Mohammadi; H. Lu; J. Norman; A. C. Gossard; L. Alff; S. Preu
Justin C. Norman; Richard P. Mirin; John E. Bowers
Brian B. Haidet; Leland Nordin; Aaron J. Muhowski; Kevin D. Vallejo; Eamonn T. Hughes; Jarod Meyer; Paul J. Simmonds; Daniel Wasserman; Kunal Mukherjee
Yuanchang Zhang; Kurt G. Eyink; Madelyn Hill; Brittany Urwin; Krishnamurthy Mahalingam
Lauren N. McCabe; Joshua M. O. Zide
Larry A. Coldren
Elline C. Hettiaratchy; John S. Jamison; Binbin Wang; Núria Bagués; Rachel A. Guest; David W. McComb; Roberto C. Myers
Kedong Zhang; Rui Pan; Shunji Xia; Wangwei Zhang; Menglin Chang; Yuanfeng Ding; Chen Li; Yu Deng; Hong Lu; Yan-Feng Chen
Abhinav Prakash; Tianqi Wang; Rashmi Choudhary; Greg Haugstad; Wayne L. Gladfelter; Bharat Jalan
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