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Wind Tunnel Research, Dynamics, and Scaling for Wind Energy

Wind tunnel research continues to deliver insights as to the complex interaction between wind turbines and the atmospheric from which they extract energy. As wind turbines continue to grow ever larger and future wind development moves offshore, the dynamics and interaction between the atmospheric resource, operating environment, and the turbines themselves across many orders of magnitude become ever more important. This special issue on wind tunnel research focuses on the insights delivered from wind energy research in the laboratory and collects advancements in flow characterization, coherent turbulent structures, and dynamical scaling that will support next-generation design and operational strategies of wind turbines and wind plants.

Guest Editors: Nicholas Hamilton, Majid Bastanhkhah, and Raul Cal

Majid Bastankhah; Nicholas Hamilton; Raúl Bayoán Cal
A. Hassanzadeh; J. Naughton; J. LoTufo; H. Hangan
P. Singh; L. Neuhaus; O. Huxdorf; J. Riemenschneider; J. Wild; J. Peinke; M. Hölling
Anas Abdulrahim; M. Tuğrul Akpolat; Abdelrahman Hassanein; Mustafa Perçin; Oğuz Uzol
Martín Obligado; Raúl Bayoán Cal; Christophe Brun
Stefano Gambuzza; Bharathram Ganapathisubramani
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