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State-of-the-Art Research on Quantifying and Mitigating Soiling and Abrasion for Solar Power

Countries with some of the best solar resource suffer disproportionally from soiling and abrasion, which reduces system conversion efficiencies and decreases equipment lifetime. The special collection covers climatological analyses, soiling meteorology and forecasting models, best installation practices to reduce soiling and abrasion, and improvements to equipment and materials to mitigate soiling and abrasion.

Guest Editor: Jan Kleissl

Jan Kleissl
Jiating Fu; Suying Yan; Xiaoyan Zhao; Ning Zhao; Hongwei Gao
Weiping Zhao; Yukun Lv; Zian Wei; Weiping Yan; Qingwen Zhou
F. Wolfertstetter; A. Esquelli; S. Wilbert; N. Hanrieder; N. Blum; M. Korevaar; T. Bergmans; L. Zarzalejo; J. Polo; A. Alami-Merrouni; A. Ghennioui
Sonali Bhaduri; Sudhanshu Mallick; Narendra Shiradkar; Anil Kottantharayil
Klemens Ilse; Muhammad Zahid Khan; Katja Lange; Harish Nagari Gurumoorthy; Volker Naumann; Christian Hagendorf; Jörg Bagdahn
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