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Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy generation technology is advancing rapidly and, along with battery electric, pumped hydro, compressed fluid, and thermal storage systems, may be capable of supplying grid services previously out of reach. Other means of storing surplus generation include production of hydrogen or other molecules that can then be sold, used in industrial processes, or converted back into energy. However, integrating multiple energy generation sources and storage technologies with the existing energy distribution infrastructure requires consideration of multiple sets of dynamics. This special topic collects the cutting-edge research on integrating multiple renewable energy generation and storage technologies into hybrid systems that support grid dynamics and ensure the most efficient use of resources.

Guest Editors:
Chris Bay, NREL
Nicholas Hamilton, NREL
Jie Zhang, UT Dallas

Jiaxin Wu; In-Bum Chung; Zheng Liu; Pingfeng Wang
Bikash Poudel; Mukesh Gautam; Binghui Li; Jianqiao Huang; Jie Zhang
Michael Sinner; Evangelia Spyrou; Christopher J. Bay; Jennifer King; David Corbus
Roshni Anna Jacob; Jie Zhang
Jubeyer Rahman; Jie Zhang
Jordan Cox; Caitlin Murphy; Andrew Foss
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