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In Memory of Ludwig Faddeev

Ludwig Faddeev made fundamental contributions to the development of several areas of mathematical physics. He also was a visionary who had had a unique understanding of the discipline as a whole, with all its profound theoretical physics and pure mathematical connections. Therefore, this special collection is intended to be very broad in scope. It represents the state of art in modern mathematical physics, reflecting as many as possible of its different branches.

Guest Editors: Alexander Its and Nicolai Reshetikhin

Special Collection Image
Alexander Its; Nicolai Reshetikhin
Vladimir B. Matveev; Aleksandr O. Smirnov
David Keating; Ananth Sridhar
Mark Adler; Pierre van Moerbeke
J. M. Maillet; G. Niccoli
Mikhail Babich; Sergey Slavyanov
Alvin Moon; Bruno Nachtergaele
Thomas Bothner; Percy Deift; Alexander Its; Igor Krasovsky
A. S. Fokas; M. C. van der Weele
J. Harnad; Eunghyun Lee
Dmitry Korotkin; Peter Zograf
Alexander I. Bobenko; Sergey Tsarev
O. Lisovyy; H. Nagoya; J. Roussillon
Karol K. Kozlowski
Pavel Bleher; Brad Elwood; Dražen Petrović
M. J. Ablowitz; X.-D. Luo; J. T. Cole
B. Dubrovin; T. Skrypnyk
Estelle Basor; Fan Ge; Michael O. Rubinstein
Herbert Spohn
Indranil Biswas; Jacques Hurtubise
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