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Special collection in honor of Freeman Dyson

Freeman Dyson who passed away in 2020 at the age of 96 was by any measure one of the most influential scientists of the past century. Maybe one could go further and say that he was one of the most influential thinkers. It is, however, his work in mathematics and physics from number theory to the foundation of quantum electrodynamics that we would like to celebrate in this special honorary collection. The collection will feature both original articles and review articles. It is only fitting that Journal of Mathematical Physics in this way celebrates the seminal contributions of Dyson, as he, indeed, authored and co-authored some of his most groundbreaking papers in JMP: The threefold way. Algebraic Structure of Symmetry Groups and Ensembles in Quantum Mechanics (1962), Statistical Theory of the Energy Levels of Complex Systems I-V (1962-63, IV and V with M.L. Mehta), Stability of Matter I-II (1967 with A. Lenard), Ground State Energy of a Finite System of Charged Particles (1967), Class of Matrix Ensembles (1972).

Guest Editors: Jan Philip Solovej, Rafael Benguria, and Martin Zirnbauer

Hirofumi Osada; Shota Osada
Mark Adler; Pierre van Moerbeke
Mary Beth Ruskai; Jon Yard
G. Akemann; M. Duits; L. D. Molag
Nico Hahn; Mario Kieburg; Omri Gat; Thomas Guhr
Yiyang Jia (贾抑扬); Dario Rosa; Jacobus J. M. Verbaarschot
Christophe Garban; Thomas Spencer
Bertrand Lacroix-A-Chez-Toine; Yan V. Fyodorov; Sirio Belga Fedeli
S. Goldstein; J. L. Lebowitz; E. R. Speer
Mikhail Katkov; Michelangelo Naim; Antonios Georgiou; Misha Tsodyks
Simone Del Vecchio; Jürg Fröhlich; Alessandro Pizzo; Stefano Rossi
Phan Thành Nam; Julien Ricaud; Arnaud Triay
L. Pastur
Eric A. Carlen; Elliott H. Lieb
Alan Edelman; Sungwoo Jeong
Ahmad Barhoumi; Pavel Bleher; Alfredo Deaño; Maxim Yattselev
Mathieu Lewin
Giulia Basti; Serena Cenatiempo; Alessandro Olgiati; Giulio Pasqualetti; Benjamin Schlein
Antonio Auffinger; Gerard Ben Arous; Zhehua Li
Elliott H. Lieb; Siddhartha Sahi
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