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New Directions in Disordered Systems: In Honor of Abel Klein

The development of mathematical theory of disordered systems provided a rigorous framework to the study of electronic transport in random media, such as the description of the phenomenon of Anderson localization, first observed in the seminal work of P.W. Anderson in the late 1950s. Since the late 1970s, this topic has been a rich and active field of research that continues to attract the interest of both the mathematics and physics communities.

On the occasion of Abel Klein's birthday, this Special Issue gathers the latest developments in the field of disordered systems. It gives a glimpse of the state-of-the-art and it celebrates the many important contributions of Abel Klein, a central figure in the development of the theory and the building of the community working on random Schrödinger operators.

Guest Editors: A. Elgart, P. Hislop, S. Jitomirskaya, F. Germinet, and C. Rojas-Molina

C. Rose; M. Tautenhahn
Nariyuki Minami
M. Powell
Christoph Fischbacher; Lee Fisher
Davide Macera
Ilya Kachkovskiy; Wencai Liu; Wei-Min Wang
Victor Chulaevsky; Fumihiko Nakano
Massimo Campanino
Rodrigo Matos
H. Boumaza
Mostafa Sabri; Pierre Youssef
Lubashan Pathirana; Jeffrey Schenker
Joris De Moor; Florian Dorsch; Hermann Schulz-Baldes
Jacob Shapiro
Renaud Raquépas
Omar Hurtado
Wencai Liu
Jiansheng Geng; Yingnan Sun; W.-M. Wang
Peter Müller; Ruth Schulte
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