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Water: Molecular Origins of its Anomalies

Water shapes our blue planet, forms clouds, drives the climate, is a unique solvent in chemistry, the ‘elixir of life’ in biology, and a complex fluid with a multitude of anomalies in its phase behavior in physics. Despite its importance, a full understanding of the behavior of water in its various forms and systems has remained challenging. This special topic issue will highlight recent progress in understanding water behavior, in supercooled, stretched, pressurized, supercritical and normal conditions, through advanced molecular probes of structure and dynamics of water. Articles reporting novel research involving experiment, theory, and simulation of water in all its many phases and at the interface with other materials are welcome.

Guest Editors: Chantal Valeriani, Claudia Goy, Christoph Salzmann, Ying Jiang, Gregory Kimmel with JCP Editors Mischa Bonn, Francesco Sciortino, and Angelos Michaelides.

Special Collection Image
Nicolás A. Loubet; Alejandro R. Verde; Gustavo A. Appignanesi
Yaoguang Zhai; Richa Rashmi; Etienne Palos; Francesco Paesani
M. Camarillo; J. Oller-Iscar; M. M. Conde; J. Ramírez; E. Sanz
David P. Shelton
Pablo Montero de Hijes; Christoph Dellago; Ryosuke Jinnouchi; Bernhard Schmiedmayer; Georg Kresse
Andreas Neophytou; Francesco Sciortino
Nefeli Novak; Xiaodong Liang; Georgios M. Kontogeorgis
Tetsuyuki Takayama; Takuhiro Otosu; Shoichi Yamaguchi
Francesco Sciortino; Thomas E. Gartner, III; Pablo G. Debenedetti
Riccardo Foffi; Francesco Sciortino
Zoé Faure Beaulieu; Volker L. Deringer; Fausto Martelli
Vitaly Kocherbitov; Denis Music; Valera Veryazov
T. Kikuchi; T. Tominaga; D. Murakami; N. R. de Souza; M. Tanaka; H. Seto
Piotr Skurski; Jack Simons
Yuanqi Ding; Chi Zhang; Lei Xie; Wei Xu
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