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Recent Developments in Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces

Interfaces are the locus of abrupt deviations, relative to the bulk, in chemical and physical properties. This impacts microscopic behavior of interfaces that is critical to many applications. However, interfaces are challenging to investigate, and, in many cases, nonlinear optics provides one of the few tools to provide microscopic insight into this confined environment. This special issue seeks contributions on novel experimental, theoretical and computational approaches to interface nonlinear optics, nonlinear spectroscopy of aqueous interfaces, quadrupolar and higher contributions to interface nonlinear optics, and interfacial dielectric constants.

Guest Editors: Eric Borguet, Hai-Lung Dai, Jer-Lai Kuo, with JCP Editors Tim Lian and Mischa Bonn

Chun-Chieh Yu; Takakazu Seki; Kuo-Yang Chiang; Yongkang Wang; Mischa Bonn; Yuki Nagata
Seung Eun Lee; Amanda J. Carr; Raju R. Kumal; Ahmet Uysal
Harsharan Kaur; Mayank Garg; Deepak Tomar; Suman Singh; Kailash C. Jena
Daniel Konstantinovsky; Ty Santiago; Matthew Tremblay; Garth J. Simpson; Sharon Hammes-Schiffer; Elsa C. Y. Yan
Wei-Wang Zeng (曾维旺); Ting Luo (罗婷); Peng Xu (徐鹏); Chuanyao Zhou (周传耀); Xueming Yang (杨学明); Zefeng Ren (任泽峰)
Thomas Noblet; Bertrand Busson
Korenobu Matsuzaki; Shoichi Yamaguchi; Tahei Tahara
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