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Slow Dynamics

In the last few years, novel theoretical and experimental developments have significantly advanced our understanding of slow dynamics in viscous liquids, glasses, gels, and other dense, disordered materials. These systems are often relevant for technological applications and can exhibit intriguing slow and complex dynamical behavior driven by mechanisms as different as packing, energy, bonding, mesoscopic ordering, and free-energy fluxes. The special issue will include experimental and theoretical/simulation papers exploring the chemical physics of these systems.

Guest Editors: Paddy Royall, Andrea Liu, and Emanuela Del Gado with JCP Editors Mark Ediger, David Reichman, Francesco Sciortino, and Carlos Vega

Special Collection Image
Emanuela Del Gado; Andrea Liu; C. Patrick Royall
Stefano Buzzaccaro; Vincenzo Ruzzi; Tommaso Faleo; Roberto Piazza
Kristine Niss
Khushboo Suman; Norman J. Wagner
Ricardo Peredo-Ortiz; Magdaleno Medina-Noyola; Thomas Voigtmann; Luis F. Elizondo-Aguilera
Aixi Zhang; Alex R. Moore; Haoqiang Zhao; Shivajee Govind; Sarah E. Wolf; Yi Jin; Patrick J. Walsh; Robert A. Riggleman; Zahra Fakhraai
Yoshihiko Nishikawa; Atsushi Ikeda; Ludovic Berthier
Marian Bruns; Fathollah Varnik
Brian K. Ryu; Scott M. Fenton; Tuan T. D. Nguyen; Matthew E. Helgeson; Roseanna N. Zia
François. Liénard; Éric. Freyssingeas; Pierre. Borgnat
Jun Dong; Francesco Turci; Robert L. Jack; Malcolm A. Faers; C. Patrick Royall
Lise Morlet-Decarnin; Thibaut Divoux; Sébastien Manneville
Jianming Cui; Kristen A. Fichthorn
Ali Eltareb; Gustavo E. Lopez; Nicolas Giovambattista
Benjamin Guiselin; Gilles Tarjus; Ludovic Berthier
Tina Hecksher; Niels Boye Olsen; Jeppe C. Dyre
Grzegorz Szamel
Ian Williams; Erdal C. Oğuz; Hartmut Löwen; Wilson C. K. Poon; C. Patrick Royall
Elham Mirzahossein; Marion Grzelka; Zhongcheng Pan; Begüm Demirkurt; Mehdi Habibi; Albert M. Brouwer; Daniel Bonn
L. Klochko; J. Baschnagel; J. P. Wittmer; H. Meyer; O. Benzerara; A. N. Semenov
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