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Singlet Fission

Singlet fission, the process whereby a photo-excited singlet exciton spontaneously splits into to lower energy triplet excitons has been known to occur in select organic materials for over fifty years. What was once thought to be an interesting but rare phenomena has taken on renewed vigor as an area of investigation over the last decade. This surge of interest is the result of both the realization that fission may lead to substantial practical increases in photovoltaic efficiencies of solar cells, as well as a substantial increase in the number of systems that have been demonstrated to exhibit the phenomena rapidly and with high triplet yield. Much recent progress has been made both experimentally and theoretically to understand and probe the myriad systems which exhibit singlet fission. In particular advances associated with the direct spectroscopic interrogation and proper conceptual description of the manifold of triplet pair states, the realization of the importance of strong vibronic coupling, and the synthesis and probing of intramolecular fission, among other recent discoveries, have greatly energized this now highly active and interdisciplinary area. This special topic will bring together experimentalists and theorists working in the area of singlet fission to highlight the recent advances in the field.

Guest Editors: David R. Reichman and Xiaoyang Zhu

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David R. Reichman; Xiaoyang Zhu
Joseph L. Ryerson; Alexandr Zaykov; Luis E. Aguilar Suarez; Remco W. A. Havenith; Brian R. Stepp; Paul I. Dron; Jiří Kaleta; Akin Akdag; Simon J. Teat; Thomas F. Magnera; John R. Miller; Zdeněk Havlas; Ria Broer; Shirin Faraji; Josef Michl; Justin C. Johnson
Vincent O. Kim; Katharina Broch; Valentina Belova; Y. S. Chen; Alexander Gerlach; Frank Schreiber; Hiroyuki Tamura; Raffaele Guido Della Valle; Gabriele D’Avino; Ingo Salzmann; David Beljonne; Akshay Rao; Richard Friend
Miles I. Collins; Dane R. McCamey; Murad J. Y. Tayebjee
Christopher Grieco; Grayson S. Doucette; Kyle T. Munson; John R. Swartzfager; Jason M. Munro; John E. Anthony; Ismaila Dabo; John B. Asbury
Zhiwei Wang; Chunfeng Zhang; Rui Wang; Guodong Wang; Xiaoyong Wang; Min Xiao
Christopher J. Bardeen
Collin F. Perkinson; Daniel P. Tabor; Markus Einzinger; Dennis Sheberla; Hendrik Utzat; Ting-An Lin; Daniel N. Congreve; Moungi G. Bawendi; Alán Aspuru-Guzik; Marc A. Baldo
Long Wang; Yishi Wu; Yanping Liu; Lanfen Wang; Jiannian Yao; Hongbing Fu
Marissa S. Martinez; Arthur J. Nozik; Matthew C. Beard
Kewei Sun; Zhongkai Huang; Maxim F. Gelin; Lipeng Chen; Yang Zhao
Kevin M. Felter; Rajeev K. Dubey; Ferdinand C. Grozema
Shota Takahashi; Kazuya Watanabe; Yoshiyasu Matsumoto
Gang-Hua Deng; Qianshun Wei; Jian Han; Yuqin Qian; Jun Luo; Avetik R. Harutyunyan; Gugang Chen; Hongtao Bian; Hanning Chen; Yi Rao
Guohua Tao
Timothy W. Schmidt
Benjamin D. Datko; Ryan Grimm; David J. Walwark; Brandon Burnside; John K. Grey
S. Rajagopala Reddy; Pedro B. Coto; Michael Thoss
Andrew J. Musser; Mohammed Al-Hashimi; Martin Heeney; Jenny Clark
Youn Jue Bae; Joseph A. Christensen; Gyeongwon Kang; Jiawang Zhou; Ryan M. Young; Yi-Lin Wu; Richard P. Van Duyne; George C. Schatz; Michael R. Wasielewski
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