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Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy

Coherent multidimensional spectroscopy (CMDS) borrows heavily from the powerful two-dimensional Fourier transform (2D FT) NMR techniques that developed following the seminal paper by Ernst published in 1976 in The Journal of Chemical Physics (J. Chem. Phys. 64, 2229 (1976)). CMDS reveals structure, dynamics and fluctuations that are obscured in conventional linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopies, enabling new insights into the structure and function of complex molecules, aggregates and materials. With advances in the production, manipulation and characterization of broadband laser sources, CMDS has been extended to new frequency regimes. Novel CMDS approaches that combine disparate frequencies are under development. Theoretical and computational tools for the simulation of CMDS experiments are driving new experimental approaches and enabling the interpretation of CMDS measurements on an increasingly diverse range of systems. This special issue celebrates the progress made in pushing the experimental and theoretical frontiers of CMDS.

Guest Editors: Steven Cundiff, David Jonas, and Kevin Kubarych with JCP Associate Editors Jennifer P. Ogilvie and Qiang Shi

Special Collection Image
Ashley M. Stingel; Poul B. Petersen
Damianos Agathangelou; Ariba Javed; Francesco Sessa; Xavier Solinas; Manuel Joffre; Jennifer P. Ogilvie
Benedikt Ames; Andreas Buchleitner; Edoardo G. Carnio; Vyacheslav N. Shatokhin
Megan C. Thielges
Nila Mohan T. M.; Chase H. Leslie; Sourav Sil; Justin B. Rose; Ryan W. Tilluck; Warren F. Beck
Ilya Vinogradov; Yuan Feng; S. K. Karthick Kumar; Chenxu Guo; Nina Saki Udagawa; Nien-Hui Ge
Lars Mewes; Rebecca A. Ingle; Andre Al Haddad; Majed Chergui
Eric A. Arsenault; Pallavi Bhattacharyya; Yusuke Yoneda; Graham R. Fleming
Duc Viet Le; Jessica M. de la Perrelle; Thanh Nhut Do; Xuan Leng; Patrick C. Tapping; Gregory D. Scholes; Tak W. Kee; Howe-Siang Tan
Giovanni Bressan; Jasper J. van Thor
Kristen D. Fulfer; Susith R. Galle Kankanamge; Xiaobing Chen; Kaylee T. Woodard; Daniel G. Kuroda
Vivek Tiwari
Zhenyu Ouyang; Ninghao Zhou; Meredith G. McNamee; Liang Yan; Olivia F. Williams; Wei You; Andrew M. Moran
Vytautas Bubilaitis; Olga Rancova; Darius Abramavicius
Danfu Liang; Hebin Li
Buyang Yu; Chunfeng Zhang; Lan Chen; Xinyu Huang; Zhengyuan Qin; Xiaoyong Wang; Min Xiao
Kritanjan Polley; Roger F. Loring
Thresa A. Wells; Muhire H. Kwizera; Sarah M. Chen; Nihal Jemal; Morgan D. Brown; Peter C. Chen
James D. Gaynor; Robert B. Weakly; Munira Khalil
Robert B. Weakly; James D. Gaynor; Munira Khalil
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