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Supersonic Jet Noise

The noise from high-performance aircraft jet engine exhausts and launch vehicle plumes is primarily caused by supersonically-convected turbulence. Supersonic jet noise is studied to both understand and model its characteristics, as well as to reduce its impact on structures, people, and the environment. Including an introductory editorial, the 23 articles in this special issue represent a broad snapshot of supersonic noise – including perspectives on the past and insights into the future – through increasingly detailed numerical simulations, realistic laboratory-scale investigations, high-fidelity measurements of full-scale aircraft and rockets, and promising noise reduction technologies.

Image credit: left, Falcon 9 rocket picture by SpaceX; top right, Figure 18 from Henderson and Huff JASA article (; middle right, F-35 picture by US Air Force; bottom right, Figure 11b from Adam et al JASA article (

Guest Editors: Alan T. Wall, Kent L. Gee, Philip J. Morris, Tim Colonius, and K. Todd Lowe

Special Collection Image
Caroline P. Lubert; Kent L. Gee; Seiji Tsutsumi
Alan T. Wall; Kent L. Gee; Philip J. Morris; Tim Colonius; K. Todd Lowe
N. Scupski; J. Akatsuka; D. K. McLaughlin; P. J. Morris
Vitor G. Kleine; Kenzo Sasaki; André V. G. Cavalieri; Guillaume A. Brès; Tim Colonius
Andres Adam; Juntao Xiong; Dimitri Papamoschou
Ethan Pickering; Aaron Towne; Peter Jordan; Tim Colonius
Nicholas P. Breen; K. K. Ahuja
Zhibo Chen; Aaron Towne
Nicolas Aujogue; Quentin Leclère; Jérôme Antoni; Emmanuel Julliard
Masahito Akamine; Koji Okamoto; Susumu Teramoto; Seiji Tsutsumi
V. Gryazev; A. Kalyan; A. P. Markesteijn; S. A. Karabasov
Brenda S. Henderson; Dennis L. Huff
Spencer L. Stahl; Chitrarth Prasad; Datta V. Gaitonde
Frank S. Mobley; Alan T. Wall; Stephen C. Campbell
Logan T. Mathews; Kent L. Gee; Grant W. Hart
Trushant K. Patel; Steven A. E. Miller
Taku Nonomura; Yuta Ozawa; Yoshiaki Abe; Kozo Fujii
Aaron B. Vaughn; Kevin M. Leete; Kent L. Gee; Bradley R. Adams; J. Micah Downing
Kent L. Gee
A. Langenais; F. Vuillot; J. Troyes; H. Lambaré
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