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Room Acoustics Modeling and Auralization

This Special Issue contains papers focusing on various room acoustic simulation methods and auralization of either simulation or measurement results. Over the past five decades, room-acoustic modeling has been undergoing a number of decisive breakthroughs to arrive at the state-of-the art today. Computational resources have been drastically advanced so that complex simulation tasks, once impossible to achieve, can nowadays be accomplished. The contributions of this Special Issue cover a wide variety of research efforts in modeling and auralization, with many of them providing new aspects and developments that will inevitably move the field forward.

Guest Editors: Lauri Savioja and Ning Xiang

Special Collection Image
Stefan Bilbao; Brian Hamilton
Jonathan A. Hargreaves; Luke R. Rendell; Yiu W. Lam
David Raudales; Donald B. Bliss; Krista A. Michalis; Jerry W. Rouse; Linda P. Franzoni
Fabian Brinkmann; Lukas Aspöck; David Ackermann; Steffen Lepa; Michael Vorländer; Stefan Weinzierl
Juan M. Navarro; José Escolano
Ville Pulkki; U. Peter Svensson
Aleksandra Rozynova; Ning Xiang
Jean-Jacques Embrechts
Roland Badeau
Huiqing Wang; Indra Sihar; Raúl Pagán Muñoz; Maarten Hornikx
Matthew A. Boucher; Monika Rychtarikova; Lukáš Zelem; Bert Pluymers; Wim Desmet
Daiki Takeuchi; Kohei Yatabe; Yasuhiro Oikawa
Ning Xiang; Uday Trivedi; Bosun Xie
Zühre Sü Gül; Erinç Odabaş; Ning Xiang; Mehmet Çalışkan
Jukka Saarelma; Lauri Savioja
Alex Southern; Damian T. Murphy; Lauri Savioja
Jens Ahrens; Carl Andersson
Barteld N. J. Postma; Sandrine Dubouilh; Brian F. G. Katz
David A. Dick; Michelle C. Vigeant
Lauri Savioja; Ning Xiang
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