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Phonetics of Under-Documented Languages

Broad sampling is important to research; however, there is a convenience bias in research on the speech acoustics of the world's languages. This Special Issue contains a sample of 25 under-documented languages. While a large sampling relative to previous work published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, the 23 articles in this issue just scratch the surface. To have a better understanding of the fundamentals of speech communication, it is imperative, as a research community, to make a concerted effort to learn more about how speech sounds are perceived and produced in a wide variety of languages.

Guest Editors: Benjamin V. Tucker and Richard Wright

Special Collection Image
Benjamin V. Tucker; Richard Wright
Katri Hiovain; Martti T. Vainio; Juraj Šimko
Hannah Sarvasy; Jaydene Elvin; Weicong Li; Paola Escudero
Qandeel Hussain; Jeff Mielke
Marija Tabain; Andrew Butcher; Gavan Breen; Richard Beare
Menghui Shi; Yiya Chen; Maarten Mous
Wael Almurashi; Jalal Al-Tamimi; Ghada Khattab
Ander Egurtzegi; Christopher Carignan
Chenhao Chiu; Jackson T.-S. Sun
Min Liu; Yiya Chen; Niels O. Schiller
Jesse Stewart; Felicity Meakins; Cassandra Algy; Thomas Ennever; Angelina Joshua
Misnadin; James Kirby
Phil J. Howson; Alexei Kochetov
Claire Nance; Sam Kirkham
Rosey Billington; Janet Fletcher; Nick Thieberger; Ben Volchok
Catalina Torres; Janet Fletcher
Nicole Rosen; Jesse Stewart; Olivia N. Sammons
Anneliese Kelterer; Barbara Schuppler
Alexei Kochetov; Jan Heegård Petersen; Paul Arsenault
Gloria Mellesmoen; Molly Babel
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