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Ocean Acoustics in the Changing Arctic

The Arctic Ocean is undergoing dramatic changes in both the ice cover and ocean structure in response to increasing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. The decreases in sea ice extent and thickness, the dramatic reduction in ice that has survived more than one summer, and the changes in ocean stratification as warmer waters enter the Arctic Ocean from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have significant implications for ocean acoustics. The papers in this Special Issue report on recent work in the Arctic on ambient sound and passive acoustic monitoring, acoustic propagation, positioning and navigation under ice, geo-acoustics, and atmospheric propagation.

Guest Editors: Peter F. Worcester, Mohsen Badiey, and Hanne Sagen

Image credit: Figure 1 from "Effects of Pacific Summer Water layer variations and ice cover on Beaufort Sea underwater sound ducting," J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 149, 2117 (2021);

Special Collection Image
Arthur B. Baggeroer; Jon M. Collis
EeShan C. Bhatt; Oscar Viquez; Henrik Schmidt
Kathleen M. Stafford; Humfrey Melling; Sue E. Moore; Catherine L. Berchok; Eric K. Braen; Arial M. Brewer; Brynn M. Kimber
Matthew C. Zeh; Megan S. Ballard; Oskar Glowacki; Grant B. Deane; Preston S. Wilson
Samuel O. Sweeney; John M. Terhune; Héloïse Frouin-Mouy; Philippe A. Rouget
Valery G. Petnikov; Valery A. Grigorev; Andrey A. Lunkov; Danila D. Sidorov
Emmanuelle D. Cook; David R. Barclay; Clark G. Richards
Ramona M. Mattmüller; Karolin Thomisch; Ilse Van Opzeeland; Kristin L. Laidre; Malene Simon
Christian. D. Escobar-Amado; Mohsen. Badiey; Sean. Pecknold
D. Keith Wilson; Michael J. Shaw; Vladimir E. Ostashev; Michael B. Muhlestein; Ross E. Alter; Michelle E. Swearingen; Sarah L. McComas
Murat Kucukosmanoglu; John A. Colosi; Peter F. Worcester; Matthew A. Dzieciuch; Derek R. Olson; Edward L. Richards; Christopher W. Miller
Evgeny A. Podolskiy; Yoshio Murai; Naoya Kanna; Shin Sugiyama
Xueli Sheng; Chaoping Dong; Longxiang Guo; Jingwei Yin
Aaron M. Thode; Robert G. Norman; Alexander S. Conrad; Ludovic Tenorio-Hallé; Susanna B. Blackwell; Katherine H. Kim
Megan F. McKenna; Brandon L. Southall; Emily Chou; Martin Robards; Howard C. Rosenbaum
Megan S. Ballard; Jason D. Sagers
Julien Bonnel; G. Bazile Kinda; Daniel P. Zitterbart
Timothy F. Duda; Weifeng Gordon Zhang; Ying-Tsong Lin
Murat Kucukosmanoglu; John A. Colosi; Peter F. Worcester; Matthew A. Dzieciuch; Daniel J. Torres
Nicholas P. Chotiros; Gaute Hope; Espen Storheim; Halvor Hobaek; Lee Freitag; Hanne Sagen
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