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Acoustic Localization

This Special Issue on Acoustic Localization contains articles that describe recent advances in research, development and demonstrations of practical methods for localizing acoustic sources in challenging environments. These methods are able to provide source localization information in the presence of high levels of noise and interference, boundary reflections, acoustic properties of the sound propagation medium that vary in both space and time, and uncertain knowledge of the acoustic environment. The acoustic environments include water tanks, shallow-water bays, and the open ocean, as well as rooms and outdoor spaces.

Guest Editors: Brian G. Ferguson, Paul J. Gendron, Zoi-Heleni (Eliza) Michalopoulou and Kainam Thomas Wong

Special Collection Image
Brian Ferguson; Paul J. Gendron; Zoi-Heleni (Eliza) Michalopoulou; Kainam Thomas Wong
Eric L. Ferguson; Stefan B. Williams; Craig T. Jin
Shima H. Abadi; Douglas W. Wacker; Jeremy G. Newton; Derek Flett
Benjamin Hendricks; Janie L. Wray; Eric M. Keen; Hussein M. Alidina; T. Aaron Gulliver; Chris R. Picard
Benjamin Ollivier; Alexander Pepperell; Zachary Halstead; Yusuke Hioka
T. C. Yang
Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard; Geoffrey A. Manley
Jianyun Yangzhou; Zhengyu Ma; Xun Huang
Eric L. Ferguson; Brian G. Ferguson
Mengyu Wu; Mikhail P. Barmin; Rex K. Andrew; Peter B. Weichman; Andrew W. White; Eugene M. Lavely; Matthew A. Dzieciuch; James A. Mercer; Peter F. Worcester; Michael H. Ritzwoller
Elizaveta Dubrovinskaya; Paolo Casari; Roee Diamant
Maxime Bilodeau; Nicolas Quaegebeur; Olivier Robin; Patrick O'Donoughue; Patrice Masson; Alain Berry
K. H. Groves; O. Aldughayem; B. Lennox
Christopher R. Landschoot; Ning Xiang
Gilles Chardon; François Ollivier; José Picheral
Adrien Dagallier; Sylvain Cheinet; Matthias Cosnefroy; Winfried Rickert; Thomas Weßling; Pierre Wey; Daniel Juvé
Jérôme Antoni; Charles Vanwynsberghe; Thibaut Le Magueresse; Simon Bouley; Laurent Gilquin
Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi; Saravana Kumar Srinivasan; Saeid Ahmadinia
Weixia Gao; Huawei Chen
Antonin Novak; Petr Cisar; Michel Bruneau; Pierrick Lotton; Laurent Simon
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