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3D Underwater Acoustics

This Special Issue focuses on three-dimensional (3D) volumetric and boundary effects on underwater sound propagation and scattering in complex underwater environments. It presents a collection of twenty-four articles on the following topics: (1) benchmark problems, (2) numerical solution algorithms, (3) waveguide parameter sensitivity studies, (4) scaled laboratory experiments, and (5) realist modeling and field work studies of the effects of 3D physical oceanographic processes and marine geological features. This Special Issue demonstrates the breadth of this ongoing 3D underwater acoustics research field.

Guest Editors: Ying-Tsong Lin, Michael B. Porter, Frédéric Sturm, Marcia J. Isakson, and Ching-Sang Chiu

Special Collection Image
Ying-Tsong Lin; Michael B. Porter; Frédéric Sturm; Marcia J. Isakson; Ching-Sang Chiu
Petr N. Petrov; Pavel S. Petrov
Boris G. Katsnelson; Pavel S. Petrov
Xin Qing; Paul R. White; Timothy G. Leighton; Songzuo Liu; Gang Qiao; Yu Zhang
Megan S. Ballard; Jason D. Sagers
Georges A. Dossot; Kevin B. Smith; Mohsen Badiey; James H. Miller; Gopu R. Potty
D. Benjamin Reeder; Ying-Tsong Lin
Jean Lecoulant; Claude Guennou; Laurent Guillon; Jean-Yves Royer
Sven Ivansson
Rui Chen; Sadeed Bin Sayed; Noha Alharthi; David Keyes; Hakan Bagci
Keunhwa Lee; Woojae Seong; Youngnam Na
Keunhwa Lee; Woojae Seong; Youngnam Na
John B. Fahnline
Michael B. Porter
Jason D. Sagers; Megan S. Ballard
Jason D. Sagers; Richard D. Lenhart; Megan S. Ballard
Matthew A. Milone; Brendan J. DeCourcy; Ying-Tsong Lin; William L. Siegmann
Brendan J. DeCourcy; Ying-Tsong Lin; William L. Siegmann
David R. Barclay; Ying-Tsong Lin
Ralph A. Stephen; S. Thompson Bolmer; Peter F. Worcester; Matthew A. Dzieciuch; Ilya A. Udovydchenkov
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