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Physics of 3D Printing

3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) is a contemporary subject of applied physics, but also of engineering, applied biophysics, and mechanical engineering. The rapid development of this technology is driving many innovations in multidisciplinary fields and goals, from the design of metastructures with negative Poisson ratio, to fabricating cardiovascular stents adapted to the patient. This joint Special Topic of the Journal of Applied Physics and Physics of Fluids aims to point out current challenges and opportunities for developing computer-aided design of devices, and also to provide guidelines for the different disciplines (mechanics, polymer, complex fluids knowledge, rheology, manufacturing, etc.) that relate to 3D printing. Papers relating to applications of 3D printing should be submitted to JAP, while papers related to the mechanics and properties of 3D printing should be submitted to POF.

Guest Editors: Maryam Sepehr and Chaimongkol Saengow

Bin Zhang; Meagan Morgan; Xin Yi Teoh; Ruth Mackay; Sibylle Ermler; Roger Narayan
S. Tomita; K. Shimanuki; K. Umemoto
Ioannis Syngelakis; Maria Manousidaki; Elmina Kabouraki; Apostolos Kyriakakis; George Kenanakis; Argyro Klini; Stelios Tzortzakis; Maria Farsari
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